Power The City - Die Stromaktivisten (The Energy Activists)

a project by REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT in cooperation with evin e.V. and Hardcore Bodybuilding Academy

in the framework of ÜberLebenskunst Initiative für Kultur und Nachhaltigkeit

With the pilot project Power the City!  - The Electricity Activists project group  REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT gatecrashes the debate on regenerative energies by exploring a new form of energy and feeding it into the power distribution system without being asked. Exercise machines in a gym are used to produce electrical power. The energy spent for training is transformed into electric currency.
Therefore four spinning bikes in a Berlin based gym were equipped with generators to feed the produced power into the electricity distribution network. The energy feeding input helps to improve the eco balance of the energy in the distribution network and decreases the demand for conventional carbon or nuclear energy.
The gym as a micro power station also supports the future oriented concept of a de-centralized energy supply. Lowering the dependency from centralised power production strengthens diversified and self organized structures.

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aching muscles for the energy turn: in the Berlin Kreuzberg Gym Hardcore Electric Power is being produced and fed into the distribution network 
clean electricity plus strenght and persistence: a spinning bike is being modified and enabled for producing power 
stimulate the eco turn by yourself: the muscle power station uses elments from wind- and solar equipment