Exhibition at Kunsthaus Dresden

28th of May - 23rd of July 2006


The title of the installation by REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT is Private Dancers. The work makes a theme of the social and cultural dimensions of economic transformation processes. RG explores the privatisation of public enterprises in Belgrade/Serbia. It is a visual analysis of the transformation of two textile enterprises and the consequences for the life and working conditions within a transitional society. The installation combines video sequences and photographs from the two enterprises and comments them with scenes from an auction of public owned enterprises at teh Privatization Agency, Belgrade.


The exhibition WILDES KAPITAL/WILD CAPITAL with 19 artists and artist´s groups from eastern- and western European cities explores urban spaces between the promises of economy and all day life. The show was initiated in co-operation with Visual Seminar, Sofia, and relations (Initiativprojekt der Kulturstiftung des Bundes).

with Luchezar Boyadjiev (Sofia), Pavel Braila (Chisinau), DRESDENPostplatz, Fucking Good Art (Rotterdam), Javor Gardev (Sofia), Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page (Dresden), Hörner & Antlfinger (Berlin), Inventory (Toulouse/ London), Andrea Knobloch (Düsseldorf), Anne König & Jan Wenzel (Leipzig), Ivan Moudov (Sofia), Observatorium (Rotterdam), POP 8 (Dresden), Kiril Prashkov (Sofia), REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (Dresden), Christoph Schäfer (Hamburg), Kalin Serapionov (Sofia), Antje Schiffers (Berlin), Andreas Siekmann (Berlin), spot_off (Dresden), STAFETA: Svea Duwe, Dirk Lange, Grit Ruhland, Demjan Tschistjakow (Dresden), Krassimir Terziev (Sofia), Ingo Vetter (Berlin), Visual Seminar (Sofia)

The book WILDES KAPITAL/WILD CAPITAL. Reflexionen zur postsozialistischen Stadt. edited by Torsten Birne, Sophie Goltz, Christiane Mennicke (Kunsthaus Dresden) is to be realised in June 2006 at Verlag für Moderne Kunst Nürnberg.


DVD still, RG 2006
Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Privatization Agency, auction of public owned enterprises video:14.50min

Private Dancers, installation at Kunsthaus Dresden, DVD projection, two videos on privatized Serbian textile enterprises, series of 68 photos from privatized enterprises and the city of Belgrade/blockquote>

photo from the series: Private Dancers: Afrodite Mode Collection, a privatized textile enterprise, Belgrade 2006, 15x21cm

photo from the series: Private Dancers: sneaker in Serbian national colours, Belgrade 2006, 15x21cm